We hear cars skreetching to a halt on Rt 25 when they see our huge selection of strollers outside on our front lawn. Yup, like the best tag sale ever.

We usually have in stock:

Pack n Plays
booster seats (for the table)
high chairs
baby monitors
bouncy seats
baby gates
Baby Bjorns or other carriers
baby swings
bed rails

Vintge Pram

We sometimes have:

moses baskets
kids' furniture

The cool part: If you are looking for something that we don't have, you may put your name on our wish list. We then email this list to our vast database of consigners, who inevitably have what you are looking for. When they bring it in, we call you.

Please note:

We rarely have cribs. Since dropside cribs are in the process of being outlawed, we do not have any cribs in stock. As people begin to outgrow their new fixed side cribs, we will take them again. US Consumer Product Safety Commission

We never have: car seats. Why? Because, g-d forbid, anybody should get into an accident with a car seat they bought at our store-and g-d forbid anything should happen to your most precious cargo-we would not want to be responsible in any way. Go find one on Craigslist.

Tips for buying a car seat: Check the manufacturer's date, usually on the back. Don't just believe what the seller tells you. They may not know themselves. Do not buy anything older than a few years. The manufacturer claims that they are not safe after 5 years. Also, make sure you are not alone when buying anything from anyone on Craigslist.