Consignment Policies:

  • Appointments are necessary to bring in items to consign.
  • When you bring in your items, we will select what our customers will buy.
  • You will receive forty percent of the selling price.
  • We will display the items for 60 days. The selling price will be reduced by fifty percent after thirty days.
  • We base prices on supply and demand. We will get the best possible prices for you.
  • If you would like to retrieve any unsold items, please do so by the 60th day. If you do not wish to pick up unsold items, they become the property of I Spy Consignment and may be donated to charity.

Guidelines for Consigning:

Infant Clothes should either be top quality brands like Baby Gap or higher with tags. In general, most people get more clothing than they can ever use for babies in their first year. We, therefore, do not sell a lot of this size. Please understand that we may not be able to take much if you only have infant clothes.

12 Months-6 Years Only top quality brands such as Gap, Hanna Andersson, Mini Boden, Orient Expressed, Petit Bateau, Ralph Lauren, Florence Eiseman, Baby Lulu, Nordstrom, Saks, Garnet Hill, Gymboree. Occasionally we accept Old Navy or H &M, at the owner's discretion, if she deems something extremely cute. Please DO NOT bring us anything from discount stores like Target, Walmart or Kohl's. Brands like Okie Dokie, Arizona, Cherokee, Children's Place and Carter's are discount brands that have no resale value.

7-14 Girls are a whole different story. You already know this if you have one. For this age we only accept Abercrombie, Hollister, Justice, Juicy Couture, North Face, Uggs, American Eagle and on occasion, Gap. Please don't ask us to try anything else. K? c u l8tr.

7-14 Boys Gap? skater T's? Quicksilver? Volcom? Got camo? Bring it on. We're still trying to figure out this set. Blue blazers are always good, suits don't sell.

Equipment and Toys need to be spankin' clean. Please call ahead to ask if we have space before you bring anything bigger than a breadbox. We can usually take exersaucers, high chairs, booster seats and strollers. If there are any recalls on any of your items, it is illegal for you and us to sell them.

Season Schedule for Consigning Clothing:

February April July September October
We take Spring Clothing including Easter dresses, lighter colors, short sleeves, light jackets. We take Summer Clothing including sundresses, shorts, bathing suits. We take Autumn Clothing including long sleeves, long pants, lightweight jackets. We take Winter Clothing including holiday dresses/pants, snowflake motifs, sweaters, corduroy,
and Halloween Costumes
We take Snowsuits/Jackets, snow boots and ice skates.

Our appointments fill up very quickly-so call way ahead to consign.