I'm a Mommy. My life changed seismically after the birth of my daughter. Before her, I was designing and painting scenery for theater, working crazy hours. I wanted to do something that would allow me to spend time with my daughter creatively and add to the family til. It was Fall of 2008, retail stores everywhere were dropping like flies. My sister in-law, Rosemary, had given me all of her three girls' things to use for my baby. The shop up the street was closed-and Jeff mentioned that consignment was the kind of business that should soar in this economy. Behold, the store was conceived.

The reference to "we" throughout this website refers to the collective of Moms that work at the store and my husband, Jeff, the salt of the earth.

Jeff is the contractor, IT guy, blogger, emergency fill-in, junk hauler, skunk hunter, starbucks runner, and emotional rescuer. He also happens to run his own mattress business when he's not being a doting Daddy. Mention that you found him here, and he'll hook you up.

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